Life's Too Short - A First Post (This Is For Gail)

Today I said goodbye to a friend. I say "I" but it's "we" really. When I say we I mean hundreds and hundreds of people, all of whom have been touched by the life of Gail Howard. Gail was a multi-faceted diamond, larger than life, brighter than the sun. She was every metaphor, every simile, every figure of speech imaginable. I cannot believe she is gone.

She will live on in the memory of all who knew her. Her good works will echo for years to come. So many people will tell her stories and smile when they think of her, that she'll never really die, but my goodness I will miss her smile.

Gail is an example of a life well lived. She was a feature film, not a soap opera. She burned with passion and intensity and didn't sit around waiting for things, she went out and made them happen. At her funeral her lovely husband Simon suggested we all need to "Be More Gail" and I have to agree - so I've made a promise to try. I'm bringing back my blog and starting to write again. I've let fear and imposter syndrome hold me back too long so Gail, this is for you!

This blog/website/whatever is going to be a place for growth, support and inspiration. I have, for a long time now, wanted to help other people by sharing things I'm learning with regards to mindset, body language, dealing with anxiety, overcoming self-doubt, plus lots more. I've never felt qualified. But what the heck! Life IS short and I want to leave a mark the way Gail did and I want to help people as she did too. There's nothing to lose here so I'm going for it. I may post a few of my old blogs as we go along but the aim is to write each week with a new post that will uplift you. I'm worthy and capable of that.

I want my first post to be dedicated to a person I loved. I regret not spending enough time with you but I'll certainly try to remember those regrets each day and do everything I can not to make more.

I want to share the poem I wrote that was read out at Gail's funeral by her Mum.

If you would like to donate to the fund set up to establish a charity in Gail's memory, the link is here...


Fly gently to the sunset Now you've drawn your final breath And make your way so softly To the other side of death

Where loved ones passed have waited,

And can welcome you once more Your pain is far behind you now, so walk through heaven's door.

Taken far too early, We will never understand, But blessed were we for every minute We could hold your hand.

Rest soundly in the knowledge That you have made your mark, And touched the hearts of many With your energetic spark.

A fighter for equality, A voice for those with none, An activist, a beacon, You burned brighter than the sun.

The greatest feel for fashion, That a woman could possess, I've never seen a person With a better sense of dress.

Let's not forget your shoes of course, Such fabulous attire. Whenever people met you, Your footwear would inspire.

The world has lost some colour now, Things seem a little pale, But one thing I can promise is, We won't forget you Gail.

With love from Claire x

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