Let Your Wrinkles Twinkle

Like the wearing down of pages of a much-loved dogeared book,

our faces tell the stories of our lives. For love may come or love may go and joy or pain abound, but each furrow speaks the tale that we survived. Soft creases in a silk scarf over time, becoming deeper, every smile and every worry leaves it’s line. Every moment we have lived and each adventure we embarked on placed their stories on our face, so let them shine. Know that aging is a privilege that not everyone is given, so rejoice and wear your grey hair like a crown. Then every wrinkle on your face becomes a radiant badge of honour for each time you got back up when you were down. There is beauty in each blemish, there is magic in each mark and such wisdom you have learned along your way. So let each wrinkle twinkle, smile and let each crease be loved because you’ve earned it with each passing of the day. Claire Lucia-Wright

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