When it all gets too much, remember to breathe, more than that, focus everything on your breath for a short time and bring yourself back to where you are.

Nothing is as bad as you feel it is in those moments of panic.

Try, if you can, to get it under control before it takes control of you. It’s not easy, not always, but it can be done and it gets easier with practice. Focus on your breath and a try little self talk. Close your eyes if you feel comfortable doing so. Block out your surroundings for a few brief moments. Go somewhere quiet in your mind, somewhere you feel safe. A forest, an island, your house, it doesn’t matter. Feel your feet on the ground. Notice your body. Drink in the fresh air and feel it filling your lungs and bringing you back. Breathe in and feel calmness start to swell within you. Breathe out your worries and let them drift off to some far away place. Watch them go in your minds eye until they are so small and so far away, you can’t recognise them anymore. Breathe in and count to ten slowly. Breathe out and count again. Feeling calmer with every breath. Breathe in and feel your body and soul being filled with warm light, calming and soothing. Breathe out any stresses or tensions still lingering within you. Breathe in and feel your heart filling with love and let that love wash over you until it becomes you and you become it. There’s nothing to frightened of or anxious about. Let it go. Breathe it out. Feel your feet on the ground and breathe.

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